Job Opportunity: Office Manager

The ideal Office Manager for Maamawi Counselling Centre has a minimum of 2-5 years experience working in an administrative capacity in a medical (doctor, naturopathic, chiropractic, dental) setting or the equivalent experience in a related social service agency milieu.

  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Hours: Mornings Monday - Friday 9am - noon.
  • Salary: $20.00 to $24.75 /hour
  • Potential to develop into a permanent part-time position with benefits

Must demonstrate experience with reception duties such as answering phones, fielding calls,opening mail and email, processing faxed and phone referrals, completing basic client intakes, and booking appointments, electronic and paper-based client file management for a busy counselling practice.

Experience with all aspects of small business operation (including building an efficient financial management system for the office using accounting software, and completing daily book keeping tasks - handling invoices and accounts receivable and payable - as well as expense tracking).

The Office Manager must have in-depth knowledge of Anishnaabe/Indigenous culture and the strengths and needs of individuals and families who reside in the many First Nations that comprise Nishinabe-Aski Nation territory. Familiarity with the historical legacy of the Indian Residential School system and its impact on Canada's First Peoples is crucial. Familiarity with the services offered by Health Canada under the NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) program is also helpful. Some knowledge of Ojibwe or Oji-Cree would be beneficial.

Highly organized, independent manager with excellent communication skills who can prioritize and complete tasks with minimum supervision in a private solo counselling practice environment. Able to work under pressure. Able to maintain the strictest confidentiality concerning clientele. Able to field crisis calls with speed and sensitivity to clinical staff. Able to be flexible in order to meet the needs of a busy two person office.

  • MS Office Suite for the PC
  • Web - based email software
  • Adobe PDF software
  • Familiarity with basic accounting software (i.e. Quickbooks)
  • Experience with medical booking/billing software applications
  • (Knowledge of JANE ( would be an asset)
  • Ability to create, establish and maintain an effective easy to use accounting system for the practice
  • Ability to communicate professionally using social media (Facebook messenger)
  • Must have a cell phone able to run the Square software for processing credit card payments, and be accessible via text messages during office hours if needed

The successful candidate will be nonjudgemental and compassionate, quick to respond and able to work reliably and independently with minimum supervision. The Office Manager will be required to give all clients, visitors, vendors, and other stakeholders professional, prompt and accurate front-line help and information, representing the counselling centre at this important first contact.

Management of all office-related duties and needs for the Counselling Centre will be required by the successful applicant. As we are a small office, the manager will also provide reception and administrative support for the Director, who provides the clinical services at the Centre. Tasks include accounting, as well as other day to day operations (booking appointments, completing paperwork, and spearheading all external communications, light housekeeping). Other tasks on an as-needed basis.

Please email your resume to No drop ins, please.


How we can help

    Talking to someone skilled helps

    Expressing yourself in a safe, confidential, supportive environment can be very helpful. Clients often gain insight into their problems by talking them out in therapy.

    It's never too late to learn new ways to cope.

    Sometimes, gaining insight into our problems aren't enough. We offer our clients tangible, concrete skills that they can use to help themselves feel better and respond more effectively when emotions run high during unavoidable, difficult situations. These skills are taught to clients during individual or group sessions.

    We offer Wise in Mind, the only DBT Skills Group in Thunder Bay

    that is self-referring (meaning you do not need to be referred by your family physician or by a mental health professional). This is also the only DBT group scheduled outside out regular office hours for your convenience. Every Saturday morning, commencing this fall, we will meet to teach you how to better manage distress, balance out your emotions and improve your interpersonal relationships.

    Fall 2017 Wise in Mind Group Information